6 Best Brake Pads For Dodge Cummins In 2022

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if you are a driver who drives consistently especially on the street within busy cities, you would have realized by now that the most important system in your car is the brake system.

For this reason, what you will commonly find most drivers yearning for is to have a brake system that not only works but work quietly without creating a scene

making the choice of the right brake pad for your truck is however not going to be an easy one as a result of the different brands, types, and styles of brake pads out there. It is for this reason that some level of research is paramount for anyone looking to replace their brake pads.

Rather than allowing you to fall into a market hype that you will most likely regret, we have compiled a list of recommended brake pads for you dodge Cummins with features such as durability, efficiency, and reduced noise and dust production.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of TheBest Brake Pads For Dodge Cummins In The Market In 2022

The benefits of using the right brake pads quality in your dodge Cummins(Buyers Guide)

If you are a buyer looking to get the best most fitting brake pads for your dodge cummin, then, there are certain things you must be aware of before attempting to buy new brake pads to replace the old ones.

So, here are some of the pointers to have in mind while you are researching about the right quality of brake pads for your dodge cummin

Construction material

The type of material used in constructing the brake pads is of utmost importance. A lot of persons out there seem to think all types of brake pads are the same irrespective of the construction material used in making them.

This is not the case, the type of construction material plays a significant role in some of the features of the pad such as durability, noise production, dust production, and pricing.

While metallic and semi-metallic brake pads may have excellent stopping power, they are more likely to cause some form of discomforting noise each time the pedals are pressed than the ceramic type. for this reason, the ceramic type is the better construction material if your priority is something easy and noiseless.

So, construction materials are basically of three types and each type has an advantage or some form of uniqueness over the other.

So, a buyer, take your time in looking into what these are and what you want from your pads. Also, note that the ceramic type is usually slightly more expensive than the other types.

Easy installation

This is also an important area to consider whenever you are out looking for an ideal replacement for your old worn-out brakes.(Read Also:5 Best Brake Pads For Porsche 996 Turbo In 2022)

Some are easy to install, there are just like the popular saying ‘’a piece of cake”. However, some are difficult to install and take a long time to set up.

Look out for brake pads that the manufacturers include with it an installation kit. This kit will most of the time contain materials such as grease or lubricant, there also usually contain other materials that the pads to fit easily when it is been installed. 

It is equally important to only buy the brake pads that are designated for your car. Some brake pads fit just more than a single car model.

There are however others that are made only for a particular car model and cannot be used for anything other than that. In such a case, it is important to ensure the brake pads are for your car model or can be used for it.(Read Also:6 Best Brake Pads Klr 650 In 2022)

Operating temperature

The working mechanism of the brake system involves the conversion of kinetic energy to heat. Therefore, there is an inevitable generation of heat within the braking system.

This is not good for the pads or the rotors as it could cause physical damage to these two components. The brake pads must therefore possess the means to cool off whenever they heat up.

 While in the market for brake pads, ensure that the pads are the type that has an efficient cooling system such as a drainage system that allows outflow of hot air. 


Remember trucks are heavy-duty vehicles, it is important to have this at the back of your mind before choosing a brake pad for your dodge cummin.

One more important thing to consider is if the truck will be used in towing other cars or not. Light-duty vehicles do not require the same type of brake pads as the heavy-duty type.

Trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles especially those used for towing other cars would require brake pads that have high stopping power like the metallic or semi-metallic types of the brake pad. They may not do well with soft and easy ceramic or organic types.

Noise cancellation

Noise generated by brake pads is basically due to the friction between the pads and the brake rotors whenever the brakes are applied. Therefore, one of the key determinants of such noise is the type of material the pads are constructed with.

It is therefore understandable why the semi-metallic or the metallic type would produce more noise than the ceramic or organic type. the ceramic type is commonly known for producing the least amount of noise.(Read Also:6 Best Brake Pads For Polished Rotors In 2022)

However, with technological advancement in the car industry, many manufacturers have devised a means of reducing or eliminating such noise by emptying materials such as rubberized shims in the making of the pads.

The shims are placed between the pads and the rotors, this way they can reduce the friction generated whenever the brakes are applied.

Consequently, brakes with shims irrespective of the construction material are generally less noisy than those without. And the more the layers of the shims the greater their noise cancellation ability.

Therefore, if you are in the market scouting for new brake pads for your Dodge Cummins, one of the features to look out for will be the number of layers of rubberized shims they contain. Noisy brakes are no jokes.

Sometimes, the noise could grow to become high-pitched and incredibly annoying that it scares you whenever you are about to apply the brakes and makes you worried about how much nuisance your car is constituting in terms of disturbing the peace of others.

Dust prevention

When it comes to dust production, the type of material used in constructing the brake pads again takes the central role in determining the amount of dust the brake pads produce.

Dust from the pads ends up covering the wheels, making them dirty, buying pads that do not produce dust or do so minimally becomes very important.

The metallic or semi-metallic pads produce more dust than any other type of brake pad. This is because dust produced by the brake pad is a result of the wearing off of the brake pad, releasing fine particles of the material it is made of. (Read Also:6 Best Brake Levers For Single Speed In 2022)

Metallic pads rub against the metallic rotors, given that the two surfaces are metallic, there is more frictional force been generated and consequently more dust production.

Design and color

Even the little things such as the design or color of the brake pads when deciding to replace your car’s brake pad. The color of every component of the car including its brake pads, brake lights, etc. matters and affects the general outlook of the car.

If the color is exceedingly bright, it may constitute a color riot even though it is located in a somewhat obscured position. This is especially through if the car itself is painted with a dull color.

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Product recommendation

1. Power stop brake pads Z36

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the name suggests the efficiency of its performance. An ideal brake pad should be able to stop the car exactly when the driver wants the car to stop. Power stop brake pads Z36 are designed for this exact purpose. 

product features

if there are any features customers desire the most from brake pads aside from efficiency, durability. This feature is however a factor of the type of material used in the brake pads construction and the rate at which this material wears out. Power stop brake pads Z36 are known for their durability and long-lasting qualities.

Part of the credit for this life span goes to their unique design of carbon infusion. The infused carbon makes them more durable than other types of ceramic brake pads.


  • Users of Power stop brake pads Z36 are protected from their wheels getting covered with dust from the brake pads. The pads are not known to produce dust
  • They are admired for their durability as well as their long-lasting quality. This further makes them more affordable as you will require a less frequent changing of your brake pads.
  • They are the type of brake pads that can be easily installed. They additionally come with an installation kit which normally contains a lubricant and another thing that will aid the installation process.
  • They are noiseless, this is as a result of the stainless shims used in their making.


  • It is not compatible with all types of dodges cummin models


2. Power stop sport brake kit k2164 Z23

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Product features

Power stop sport brake kit k2164 Z23 have a similar feature as any quality brake pad out there. There are set apart by features such as excellent fitting, heat resistance, and the coating with silver zinc dichromate plate which makes them rust-resistant. 


  •  It is designed with pre-slotted and driller rotors, this makes their installation incredibly easy.
  • They are rust-resistant on account of the silver-zinc dichromate coating of the plates
  • The manufacturers add an installation kit together with the necessary materials to make the installation easy.


  • It is pricy
  • Sometimes, installation takes longer time than expected


3. Detroit axle drilled and slotted disc S-5300

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Product features

Detroit axle, drilled and slotted disc S-5300 brake pads are unique for their alloy rotors. They are both rust and corrosion resistant and give an exceptional brake performance. Similar to other ceramic constructions, they are noise-free and easy to install.


  • Stress-free installation
  • Are both rust and corrosion free
  • The installation kit is packed with many accessories


  • They are not resistant to getting worn out
  • They are no significant limitations associated with them


4. Bosch quiet cast premium disc brake pads BC1399

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product features

Bosch quiet cast premium disc brake pads BC1399  out easily amongst other brands of brand pads. This is primarily a result of its unique makeup.

This semi-metallic brake pads are made of aluminum alloy and are incredibly good as a braking system. They are not just efficient rather they are uniquely noiseless and dust-free.


  • are one of the best pads out there with excellent performance.
  • They are designed with multiple layers that reduce the frictional force between the pad and the rotor, this makes the pads last longer than most. 
  • The shims also make them noiseless. Users are free from the noise associated with brake pads.


  • Bosch quiet cast premium disc brake pads BC1399 is only compatible with the 2009 and 2010 models of doge cummin


5. Wagner Thermo quiet brake pads QC1258A ceramic disc

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product features

noticed how some brake pads cause the brake pedal to pulsate when you attempt to apply the brakes? This is a signal that the pads are of poor quality.

This deficiency has been completely overcome by the Wagner Thermo quiet brake pads QC1258A ceramic disc amongst other unique features.


  • being copper-free, Wagner Thermo quiet brake pads QC1258A ceramic disc is one of the most environmentally friendly brake pads out there


there is no lubricant in the installation kit


6. Hawk performance front brake pad

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Product features

Aside from its affordable price, Callahan CDS0216 fits perfectly and has an easy installation on account of the drilled and slotted rotors. This is also aided by the installation kit which comes with materials such as lubricant to make the whole process easier.


  • They are made from highly durable materials making them long-lasting brake pads
  • They rarely cause dust accumulation on the wheels
  • Fits perfectly well


  • None of its current users showed any displeasure about any aspect of the product.

Best Brake Pads For Dodge Cummins – Conclusion

Doge Cummins are nice vehicles made for an enjoyable experience. However, choosing the wrong brake pads for your vehicle could make driving a hell of an experience. Do some substantial research before settling for a particular brake pad.

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