6 Best Brake Pads For Jeep Cherokee In 2022

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Drivers who value their safety consider brake pads as the most important part of the car and will spend a considerable amount of time researching which brake pad is best for their car.

The need to choose the best brake pad for your car is higher with cars such as the Jeep Cherokee which have a considerably high horsepower.

Changing brake pads should not be left until the pads are completely worn out. Ideally, the brake pads for the jeep Cherokee should be changed after covering about 30 to 70 thousand miles with the car.

However, This depends hugely on your driving style. Those who drive through cities with serious traffic use their car brake more than those who drive highways and sparsely populated areas. 

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Brake Pads For Jeep Cherokee In The Market In 2022

The benefits of using the right brake pads quality in your jeep Cherokee- Buyers Guide

There are a good number of benefits in choosing the right brake pad for your jeep Cherokee, so, all intending buyers must be aware of the features to look out for in the brake pads they intend to get for their jeep Cherokee. 

To make the most benefit from your brake pads, there are certain factors you must put into consideration. Here are some of such

  • Ensure to get a fitting brake pad. Brake pads are designed to fit a particular car, some are suitable for a range of cars while others are unique to only a single car model. Before purchasing any brake pad, ensure it is the right fit for your jeep Cherokee. 

A none fitting brake pad will be difficult to install and may cause the pads to wear out quicker than expected or to make annoying noises.

  • Another significant aspect of the brake pads you intend to buy is the type of construction material there are made of. While thinking about this, ensures to put into consideration what your priority is when it comes to the braking system, your type of driving, and where you drive through the most. Of the three types of materials used in a brake pad, the metallic or semi-metallic type can be said to have the highest stopping power while the ceramic types are more popular for being easy and noiseless.

Your style of driving as well as the type of city you drive through also matters a lot when choosing the ideal brake pad for your jeep Cherokee.

The brakes are applied a lot when constantly driving through a city with significant traffic, they wear out quickly as a result, for such driving conditions, durable pads with a history of a long-lasting duration will be more appropriate a priority than noise-free pads or something similar

  • Compatibility of the pads with your car is also something of benefit and should be considered before finally buying the brake pads. Considering the amount of horsepower the jeep Cherokee has, it is important to replace its brake pads with the type that has an equally high degree of stopping power. 
  • Buyers must also learn to look out for brake pads designed to minimize noise and dust production. Most of the time, these two common problems are linked with the type of material the pads are made with. The metallic and semi-metallic type of brake pads has been shown to suffer the most from these two setbacks. 

While this is true theoretically based on the physics involved, many manufacturers make use of rubberized shims that are placed between the pads and the rotors to help reduce noise production.

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1. ACDelco silver 14D1041CH brake pads

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Product features

Reliability is a key feature which all brake pads must possess. Knowing that you can always count on your brakes without fear of brake failure changes your style of driving as well as your mindset while driving.

ACDelco silver 14D1041CH brake pads are ceramic brake pads designed for the rear wheels. these are reliable brake pads that can be counted on for excellent performance at any time.

Drivers using ACDelco silver 14D1041CH brake pads do not have to worry about dust, noise, vibrations, or a harsh braking system. These pads are designed with chamfers, shims, and slots that them noiseless as well as to give a smooth performance whenever the pedals are pressed.

They are saved from rust or similar corrosive conditions via their zinc coating and also do not require modification to fit easily when they are been installed. (Read Also:Best Brake Pads For Dodge Cummins)

One of my favorite characteristics of pads which is somewhat uncommon is the company’s warranty policy. It is not common for brake pads to have a warranty and yet ACDelco silver 14D1041CH brake pads have a 2 years (24 months) warranty.

The product can be returned any time within this period if the customer finds any fault in the pads. They are entitled to a full refund or replacement.


  • Provide an incredible driving experience, loved by its current users for having a pretty high braking power.
  • It is protected from rust and other corrosive condition by its zinc coating
  • It can be installed easily and does not require any form of adjustment for it to fit properly.
  • The company offers a 24-month warranty for the pad


  • May sometimes make some sort of noise
  • It is not designed for heavy driving

2. Power stop evolution brake pads Z23-1053

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If you want to drive the way you want without fear, then you need a braking system that is both efficient and effective, you need great pads like Power stop evolution brake pads Z23-1053.

Power stop evolution brake pads Z23-1053 are ceramic brake pads that are made from both ceramic material and carbon fiber infusion.

The infused carbon fiber makes the pad stronger and more durable for heavy driving. this also helps the pads to dissipate the heat generated properly enhancing the efficiency of the brakes and reducing damage to the pads or rotors. (Read Also:6 Best Brake Pads Klr 650 In 2022)

Power stop evolution brake pads Z23-1053 operate quietly on account of their slots and chamfers and are made rust-free by their hardware kit.


  • They are infused with carbon fiber making them long-lasting and durable
  •  are equipped with heat resistance and prevent the physical damage heat cause to pads and rotors
  • Quick brake in


  • The pads may produce a slight noise when the car is on low speed..

    3. Bosch BSD1041 brake pads

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Product features

These are heavy-duty performing brake pads suitable for the 2005 to 2010 models of grand Cherokee. What is interesting about these pads is that all aspects of your checklist on an ideal brake pad are fulfilled by Bosch BSD1041 brake pads. 

They are not just your regular brake pads, rather, they are well-fitting, strong and durable, noiseless, and reduce dust production.

Construction materials are of premium quality, adding a long-lasting feature to the list. The manufacturers overcame noise production by constructing the pads with multiple layers of shims. 

Rotors are not required to be changed as frequently as the brake pads or tires are. However, with a history of poor-quality brake pads, the rotors may require changing sooner than expected.

Bosch BSD1041 brake pads protect the rotors from damage. The pads also do not require any special maintenance regimen and will go a long way.(Read Also:6 Best Brake Pads For Polished Rotors In 2022)


  • Drivers looking for pads with extreme braking power find the Bosch BSD1041 brake pads helpful. The pads are highly effective and efficient and can instantaneously bring the car to a stop
  • The pads are designed with shims to help them operate quietly without noise. Install the pads properly and ensure they fit your model of Jeep Cherokee as these reasons have been shown in the past to be responsible for a noisy brake pad experience.
  • They are heavy-duty brake pads and can be used on all roads. They are suited for all forms of driving style
  • The pads fit perfectly and do not require adjustment or medication.


  • It does not have wear indicators


4.Bosch BC791 quiet cast premium brake pad set

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Product features

Bosch BC791 quiet cast premium brake pad sets are ceramic brake pads, so, it’s not surprising that they operate without creating much noise. In addition to being made from ceramic construction material, they also have shims that further reduce the amount of noise that can be produced by the pads. 

Shims work by reducing the frictional force generated between the pads and the brake rotors. Given that the force is linked to the stopping power of the pads, you may be afraid of a weak braking system when using a pad with shims. (Read Also:5 Best Jake Brakes For 6.0 Power Stroke In 2022)

However, Bosch BC791 quiet cast premium brake pad set makes use of multiple layers of rubberized shims to make it noiseless without compromising its performance as an effective braking system.

Bosch BC791 quiet cast premium brake pad sets are suited for the 1999 to 2009 model of grand Cherokee and are popular for a lot of special features such as corrosion resistance, rust-free, and high quality.


  • The manufacturers-built Bosch BC791 quiet cast premium brake pad is set to be long lasting and to serve its user for a significant period before required to be replaced
  • They are made from quality material and very strong and durable
  • They have great braking power and can halt the car exactly where and when you want it to.
  • The pads do not make any form of noise when in use.


  • There is not enough wear indicator. It comes with only one wear indicator for all four pads


5. EBC green stuff brake pads DP73030

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Product description

Brake pads are largely responsible for the response time of your brake system. For a quick response time, EBC green stuff brake pads DP73030 will make a good choice.

These pads can be installed in a car that is used for street driving or those used on the highway.

EBC green stuff brake pads DP73030 do not bother its users with dust or noise, making them an ideal replacement brake pads for your jeep.

Brake pedals sometimes begin to vibrate or feel uncomfortable after changing the brake pads. These are low-quality or ill-fitting pads. Such encounter is unlikely with EBC green stuff brake pads DP73030.(Read Also:6 Best Brake Levers For Single Speed In 2022)

These are ceramic brake pads with an effective way of dealing with the thermal energy produced by the brake system. They have a protective coating that increases their life span and allows them to protect the rotors from damage.


  • The pads are of high-quality material and do not wear out easily
  • EBC green stuff brake pads DP73030 are made to last and save you the cost of frequently replacing your pads
  • The pads are not associated with dust or noise and have a reasonable stopping power


  • There are no complaints from its current users. Most aspects of the pads meet up to or  OEM standards


6. The power stops 16-477 Z16 evolution brake pads

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Product description

If you are looking for affordable brake pads for your jeep Cherokee which will at the same time, give the same or more efficient performance as the following, come pads, then Power stops 16-477 Z16 evolution brake pads will make that dream come through.

With Power stop 16-477 Z16 evolution brake pads you can finally say goodbye to the squealing noise made by most brake pads. You can equally say adios to dust from the pads covering your wheel up and making it look like a decade since you last wash your car.

These brake pads are made from ceramic and have shown great braking performance over the years. They have been around for quite some time now and enjoy an overwhelmingly positive customer review.


  • Exceedingly quiet
  • Remarkable braking power
  • Completely dust-free


  • Users express their happiness with the product with no complaint about experiencing any limitation.

Best Brake Pads For Jeep Cherokee – Conclusion

It’s doubtful that anyone can enjoy driving a car without a sound brake system. Unlike less crucial parts of a car, the pads play an important role.

Therefore choosing the right one for your vehicle deserves a reasonable amount of research. Any of the pads suggested in the article will make a good replacement for your jeep Cherokee.

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