5 Best Brake Pads For Porsche 996 Turbo In 2023

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A brake pad is a slim block that presses onto a disc in a disc brake so that the wheels of a vehicle will be slowed down until it finally comes to a stop.

They are a component of the brake discs that are used in both automotive as well as many other applications and they are made up of steel backing plates with friction materials bound to the surface that usually faces its brake rotors.

They usually come under extreme pressure and high-temperature increases and so, over time, they need replacing every so often.

Now, how do we choose the best brake pads, or what are the things we should look out for in brake pads before we commit our money to them?

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Brake Pads For Porsche 996 Turbo In The Market In 2022

Best brake pads for Porsche 996 turbo- (Buyers Guide)

To start with, brake pads should be chosen if they can absorb and dissipate heat, how quickly they wear out as well as the amount of noise and dust they create, which are all factors to put into consideration before choosing them.

For vehicles like high-performance sports cars, it is best to use semi-metallic brakes. Whereas, for simple in-town commuting, it is best if you go for solid semi-ceramic brake pads.

In any case, we shall see about the features and qualities of the best brake pads for the Porsche 996 turbo, or as a matter of fact, any other vehicle too.

Although ceramic brakes outlast semi-metallic ones and also have more noise control and less wear/tear to the rotors without any compromise in braking efficiency.

Most good brake pads are made of ceramic. They should be sold on terms that will make them eligible for return, replacement, or refund in the event of any dissatisfaction with the product whatsoever.

Additionally, their prices should be readily affordable. You should be able to get them available for purchase at most places anywhere.

These brake pads should be made of tested and trusted high-end materials that can withstand extreme pressures and immense temperature increases; challenges that are common to brake pads in general.

All good brake pads should conform to OEM specifications. The best brake pads for Porsche 996 turbo have either drilled or slotted rotors.

The drilled rotors serve to reduce or regulate excessive temperature increases when the brakes are applied, while the slotted rotors always reduce or minimize how much dust, debris, and gases accumulate in the brake systems.

Also, all good brake pads should make as little noise as possible when applied and should equally vibrate the least too.

They should be easy and fast to install or remove using ordinary tools as well. Finally, good brake pads are sold covered with lengthy guarantees and warranty terms for customer satisfaction.

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Best brake pads for Porsche 996 turbo- proper reviews

(1). Akebono ACT 1212A Ultra-Premium Ceramic Rare Disc Brake Pads

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These are ceramic brake pads that are reputed for their long-lasting performance as well as all other features and qualities that make them stand apart from the others.

As a result, they are extremely durable and are sold at prices that are pocket-friendly. They are sold on terms that make them eligible for either return or refund in case of any dissatisfaction.

Since brake pads cannot be protected entirely from getting touched by water, corrosion can become an issue. However, corrosion is taken care of in these brake pads because the metallic portions of these pads are coated with zinc, a factor that reduces corrosion to the barest minimum.

They are readily available for purchase at most retail outlets all over the world and are sold at very good prices too.

Noise and vibrations whenever you apply the brakes are also eliminated due to their unique design and engineering. Haphazard temperature increases and the accumulation of dust are taken care of by the drilled and slotted rotors respectively.

They boast impressive braking efficiency and longevity at all times. They are so hardened that they can withstand excessive external forces or stress on all terrains. Their installation is also fast and easy to accomplish. If good brake pads are your thing, then you’ve got it right here.


  •   They fit other vehicles too and not just the Porsche 996.


  •  They can wear much faster especially when they are not properly installed.


(2). Bosch BC 905 Quiet Cast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

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Like all brake pads of very distinctive qualities, they are ceramic brake pads that are widely known for their durability and peak brake performance too.

They are compatible with many other vehicles like Altima, Juke, Leaf, Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, to mention just a few.

To make it more impressive, they are also sold at prices that are highly competitive and considerate of the customers. In case of any dissatisfaction, you can always activate the return, refund, or replacement policy embellished in the conditions of sale.

This product is verified to generate as little noise as possible during its application, and they also vibrate the least too.

Their zinc coating minimizes the effects of water on them thereby reducing or eliminating the chances for corrosion. They are widely available for purchase in any place you may live or stay.

Their drilled and slotted rotors are specifically designed to control extreme temperatures and the rate at which dust accumulates in the brakes. Their installation or removal can be executed quickly and easily with only ordinary tools even by the inexperienced.


  • Their multiple compatibilities with virtually all vehicle models is their best selling point.
  •  Their shims result in less noise, added strength, and corrosion resistance.
  • The supply kit contains everything you need to install them.


  • They can wear out faster if they are not properly installed.
  •  They don’t fit some vehicles like the 2019 Altima SV.

(3). Centric Ceramic Brake Pads

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These pads are assuredly long-lasting since, like all others, they are made of ceramic material which is highly resistant and dependable.

They are widely distributed all over the world so that they can be bought easily anywhere. They are sold subject to conditions that make them eligible for a return, refund, or replacement when there is any dissatisfaction with the product.

In addition, they are covered with very long warranty terms. Noise and dust in these brake pads are eliminated or at least reduced by the drilled and slotted rotors in their designs.

Corrosion in the brake pad is minimized through the use of strong alloys or zinc coating. To make them more durable, their copper content is very negligible.

They are sold at prices most people can afford which does not reduce their classic qualities. If you need highly efficient and reliable brake pads, this is it. Finally, these exemplary brake pads are compatible with as many vehicles as possible too. You might want to try them.


  • They fit many makes and models of cars.


  •  They can fail to work in some cars with which they are said to be compatible.

(4). Bendix Premium Copper Free Ceramic Brake Pads

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Like all brake pads with great and impressive performance, these pads are very long-lasting and efficient since they are made of ceramic too.

They are so designed as to eliminate or at least reduce to the minimum the generation of noise and the accumulation of dust in the brakes through the use of drilled and slotted rotors in their engineering.

Corrosion which cannot be eliminated in brakes is reduced to its minimum in these pads through the use of zinc coating and strengthened alloys in the pads.

They can be obtained anywhere for sale due to their widespread supplies. Excessive temperature rises are eliminated totally or at least significantly reduced through the use of the drilled rotors.

They are also eligible for a return, refund, or replacement in cases where you no longer need them anymore after purchase.

Also, they generate as little vibration as possible when applied even under extreme circumstances of braking. Their durability and high performance are all courtesy of the excellent engineering in their manufacture.

You can easily get these brake pads anywhere you live due to their wide supply and market value. They are the brake pads of the moment even when placed beside some of the best brake pads on the market. If you wish for reliable brake pads, you can’t get it better with this product.

(5). Power Stop Front Ceramic Brake Pads with Hardware

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These are carbon-ceramic brake pads known for their enviable durability and extreme efficiency in braking performance.

Abnormal temperature increases are countered by their drilled rotor designs, while the accumulation of excessive dust and debris is prevented by the slotted rotors.

They can be relied upon to resist corrosion as much as possible due to the use of alloyed metals in their production or coating with zinc.

They are sold under terms that are very considerate of the customers through their eligibility for return, refund, or replacement policy.

They hardly cause any vibration when applied even under extreme braking. Their prices are also said to be very pocket-friendly too, such that most people can afford them anywhere. Finally, they are both easy and fast to install or remove with the use of just simple garage tools even for the inexperienced.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

(1). Which is better between the ceramic and metallic brake pads?

Under normal circumstances, ceramic brake pads are known to outlast semi-metallic brake pads. Also, ceramic brake pads are able to control noise as well as wear and tear to the rotors much more than either metallic or semi-metallic brake pads without compromising the efficiency of the brakes in general.

Therefore, using these facts as an index for comparison, ceramic brakes are better than semi-metallic brakes.

(2). When should Porsche brake pads be changed?

 Brake pads are commonly affected by several factors for them to become worn out. One, your driving habit matters a lot; If you apply the brakes regularly like when driving in town with so much traffic, they will wear faster.

On the other hand, if you ply mountainous or uneven roads, there are also the chances that you may apply the brakes haphazardly too.

This will force you to replace them more frequently. In addition to these factors, the nature of the brake pads or their qualities also matter. For instance, the more the quality of the brake pads, the longer they are bound to last and vice versa.

All in all, you should start thinking about changing your brake pads after they have covered between 30, 000 and 100, 000 miles which are determined by your style of driving as well.

If you ply roads that require the use of brakes quite often, make sure that your brakes are inspected frequently. However, to be sure of when to change your Porsche brake pads, refer to the Porsche user manual supplied with the vehicle.

(3). Do you need to change rotors with brake pads, Porsche?

Most of the time, the expert opinion is that you should change your brake pads at the same time as the rotors. On the contrary, if you are certain that one is not as worn as the other, then, you can change only the brake pads alone or the rotors depending on which one is very worn out. So, the choice is yours to make, but make sure you consider the status of your brake components.

Best Brake Pads For Porsche 996 Turbo – Conclusion

Make sure to choose your brake pads carefully through the use of the parameters that will allow you to get the service you need.

To this effect, ceramic brakes are very legendary when it comes to durable brake pads. This is because they are more long-lasting than most other brake pads on the market. Go for brake pads that are highly durable with either drilled or slotted rotors.

Sometimes, the possibility of brakes wearing out is not a factor of the brake pads themselves but that of how you drive in the first place.

Therefore, drive carefully and apply the brakes less often. All things being equal, if you do this and you have good brake pads, they are bound to last much longer.

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