5 Best Jake Brakes For 6.0 Power Stroke In 2023

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To put it simply, a jake brake is a sort of device which is used in the opening of the exhaust valve during acceleration.

In other words, it is a compression release brake that assists truck drivers to be able to show down their vehicles without necessarily utilizing the service or conventional brakes.

This means that using the jake brake prolongs the life span of the service brake, which may not be used too often.

These sorts of brakes are used mainly in large or medium size trucks that have diesel engines that need a lot of force to stop.

Sometimes, the jake brakes may not be necessary, and worse still, their use is prohibited in many places due to the noise they make.

It operates by simply generating a strong braking force through the release of highly compressed air inside cylinders. Now, what are the qualities you should look for in jake brakes before you buy them for your truck?

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Jake Brakes For 6.0 Power Stroke In The Market In 2022

Best jake brakes for 6.0 power stroke- proper reviews

The first thing to look out for in any good jake brake is that it should permit ample transmission to enable you to control the engine, and in addition to this, it should also be easy to install with the aid of only a plug.

Again, jake brakes should have a high-quality OE shift lever as well. These brakes should also have a control lock-up clutch which is used in either pulling or dyno testing.

In addition, jake brakes should also have an override control, a feature that is important for in-town driving or towing of the truck.

These brakes mostly work well with most engines such as BD’s VVB, and they also consist of style shift levers too, a steering wheel wiring harness that has factory connections, and a mini or dimmable gear selection mechanism.

A most notable disadvantage of jake brakes is that they are excessively noisy, especially when the truck is going down a hill where stopping it could become laborious.

This characteristic has led to the introduction and enforcement of strict laws banning their use in some places. As a result, a very important requirement for good jake brakes is that they should not make much noise when applied even against extreme pressures. (Read Also:5 Best Rotors For 3rd Gen 4Runner In 2022)

All the same, there are now very convenient ways you can control the noise they make through the use of mufflers and turbochargers.

High-end jake brakes are also made of materials of refined qualities which should last for very long periods in trucks or even semi-trucks.

Specifically, highly recommended jake brakes should equally be relatively easy and fast to install and remove with just a few tools whenever necessary.

Another important quality of jake brakes is that they should have self-explanatory wiring diagrams too for ease of installation, which will make locating the transmission or the PCM would not present any problems.

Also, it is very important too, if your jake brake has polished stainless steel tubular construction.

Another needle requirement for jake brakes is that every one of its components should be new and not pre-installed in some other vehicles before. The supply kit should also contain the required hardware, bolts, and gaskets too.

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(1). BD Diesel 1031369 Exhaust Brake

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This product is known for its quality to the refinement of its materials which confer on its very high performance and long service life.

In addition to this, it is also designed for all kinds of vehicles too. The use of mufflers and turbochargers as well as other modern innovations have made the product much less noisy than is common with other brands.

These brakes are easy to install and unmount, as long as you carefully do it with due reference to the enclosed user guide in the supply pack. What’s more, they are also eligible for either refund or replacement in the event of any complaint after purchase.

Finally, the price of the product is equally very affordable too, in addition to the fact that it is widely available for purchase at most retail auto shops in most places.


  •  The product is known to be compatible with a wide range of trucks including the 2004 Ford F450.


  •  It is easy to make mistakes during installation unless careful attention is given to the wiring diagrams in the fitment guide.

(2). HQPASFY Turbocharger Y-Pipe Up-Pipe and Turbo Install Kit

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It is a product of polished stainless steel tubular construction that is built for pronged high performance. The supplied pack also contains all the necessary hardware, bolts, and gaskets for ease of installation.

Heavy-duty bellows are also included in its production to improve its durability. The stainless steel warping guards against warping or cracking, which further improves its resistance against leaking. It is compatible with most types of trucks in common use that have diesel engines.

Furthermore, it is covered with a 24-month warranty for repair or replacement after purchase. It is for all these reasons that the product enjoys impressive customer reviews all over the world.

In the of any defects that might have developed during production, the item is eligible for both refund or replacement just meant for customer satisfaction.


  •  It is a significant upgrade over most of its competitors on the market for its special bellows that enhance high performance.


  •  The heat shield of the pipe does not have any mounts to attach to, which may necessitate you to improvise before you weld it to the new pipe.
  •  Some parts of the product may not line up as required during its installation.

(3). Sinister Cold Air Intake for 2003 to 2007 Powerstroke 6.0L

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This equipment is available at reduced prices which are quite affordable. The quality of the device makes it long-lasting with a very high-performance rating.

Noise is reduced as much as possible through the use of special mufflers and turbochargers. Both installation and removal are made easy by the provision of a detailed fitment guide in the supply pack.

You are assured of either a full refund or replacement of the entire product in the event of any defects after purchase, but it must not be tampered with.

They are readily available for purchase in most places wherever you may be.


  •  It comes with everything you need for its complete installation as well as a filter.


  •  Great care must be taken during installation by carefully using the enclosed fitment guide, or else leakage may occur.

(4). JDMSPEED New Turbocharger Y-Pipe Up-Pipe Kit 679-011 Replacement Kit for Ford 6.0L Diesel 2003-2007

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Like most other products of its kind, it is manufactured using highly refined materials that make it extremely long-lasting.

Noise is reduced to its minimum due to the unique engineering in the product. It is not only widely available but also sold at prices that are affordable by the customers.

Terms of sale include a guarantee for either refund or replacement even 24 months after purchase. To make sure that installation is properly done, a fitment guide is included in the supply pack with detailed explanations.


  • Warping and cracking are reduced due to their stainless steel tubular construction.


  • The supplied pack may not contain any gaskets or hardware in it.
  •  It is said to leak sometimes especially when installed wrongly.
  •  There have been complaints that relate to its correct installation in some cases.

(5). Smileracing 6.0 Cold Air Intake Kit Replacement for 2003-2007 Ford F250, F350 Excursion 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Engines

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It is produced using both stainless steel and aluminum and it fits most 6.0L V8 diesel turbo engines. The equipment is equally sold at very affordable prices without any reduction in its quality and high performance.

As expected, the materials used in its production confer on its impressive durability. It comes with an access port and cover plate with O-rings too.

To make it more attractive, this product is pressure tested during production such that it is guaranteed not to leak at all.

Most of the parts needed for proper installation like a 4-inch mandrel-bent tube, NPT fitting for attaching the boost gauge, silicone hose, and installation bracket are provided in the supply pack.

In addition, it increases the fuel economy of your truck and also improves its torque and horsepower too. It is easy to install, which does not necessitate the removal of the turbo, intake manifold, or up-pipe and it fits most trucks like the 6.0L V8 diesel engines.


  • Warping and cracking are almost eliminated due to the quality of materials used in its production.


  •  Intake may not work on vehicles that are not provided with factory MAF sensors.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

(1). Does jake’s brake hurt the engine?

Jake brakes are not likely to hurt the engine of your truck as long as they are installed properly. To prevent this from happening, you are strongly advised not to use the engine brake whenever its oil is low.

For this reason, truck drivers should make sure to allow the engines to warm up properly before using the engine brake.

(2). Can you put jake’s brake on a 6.0 power stroke?

You are advised against installing any kind of mechanical jake brake on a 6.0L power stroke for several reasons.

One, there is the possibility of the exhaust valve striking the piston as a result of back pressures. Two, there could be damage to the VGT turbo due to extreme back pressure as well.

For gas engines, you are not advised not to use jake brakes unless they are engineered for the engines, and to this effect, only SAE type 1 engines and those provided in clad 8 trucks are designed suitably for the function.

Fortunately, it is very easy to ascertain whether your truck can use a jake brake or not by referring to the user manual. or asking experts on the matter. Therefore, unless that is allowed, do not install it in your engine, lest you damage it deliberately.

(3). Why do trucks have jake brakes?

A jake brake is a kind of compression release braking mechanism that will enable truck drivers to slow down their vehicles without the fear of wearing out their service or conventional brakes.

This is largely because trucks and other large vehicles require a lot of braking force, especially when going down a slope which can damage their service brakes.

However, when using the jake brakes while venturing down a hill or driving on the freeway off-ramps, it can add years to your service brakes and the tires, as long as you apply it correctly.

The use of the jake brakes in trucks also serve to enable your service brake to last longer and to stop overheating too when driving on mountainous terrains. In addition, most truck drivers also use their jake brakes in warning others that they are close to enable them to keep away.

This is a use that is important against avoidable accidents with smaller 4 wheel vehicles. Although makes brakes see meant for use in big trucks, sometimes, they are also used on smaller pickup vans as well, especially in cases since towing heavy loads needs extra stopping power.

Best Jake Brakes For 6.0 Power Stroke – Conclusion

Trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles because of their enormous weights in addition to the weights of their cargo require a lot of braking force to stop.

This is particularly so especially when they are going down a slope. In such situations, the use of the service brake may cause it to wear faster and fail.

Consequently, the jake brake provides an efficient and safer alternative. But, before you install the jake brake in the vehicle, make sure that it is compatible with your type of truck either from the user manual or specialists on the matter.

Finally, you have been informed through detailed explanations what the qualities of good jake brakes are. Therefore, whatever choices you plan to make, should be done according to the recommendations in the user manual or specialists.

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