Are Caliper Covers Bad?

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Caliper covers keep your calipers safe from dust, debris, and other smears which may contaminate and damage them.

They do this by redirecting any dust that comes off your brake parts towards the rear of the vehicle. This means that there will be much less dust flying onto the surface of your wheels, which will undoubtedly maintain them clean always.

In addition to fending off the dust, caliper covers do not influence or reduce the braking performance of your vehicle in any known way, as against a popular notion about the device. 

Yes, the installation of caliper covers over the caliper is easy and fast, which can be accomplished in just a couple of minutes for each wheel.

Only simple hand tools are required for this and while doing it, you need not touch the braking system of the vehicle. 

Caliper covers have both advantages and disadvantages, but despite this odd mixture, they cannot be said to be bad especially since their positives overwhelm any disadvantages or negatives they may have.

Specifically, it is said that they reduce heat dissipation thereby resulting in premature wear and tear of the brake, while at the same time limiting its overall performance as well.

Upon in-depth reflection after comparing both faces of the same coin, so to say, caliper covers can be said to be good.

This is more so if they are a perfect and snug fit for your vehicle. For this reason, they are commonly designed to nicely fit over the brake calipers to obscure any unsightly appearance while at the same time keeping them safe too.

Although it is insinuated that caliper covers are complicit in causing brake overheating, nothing on this count is proven.

Contrary to popular opinions, caliper covers are even said to dissipate heat from your brakes. They can divert heat away from the calipers or even minimize any heat build-up in the brake system while at the same time improving its overall performance.

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Why is caliper cover bad?

Brake calipers are not bad regardless of what many people may say. Mostly, it is argued that caliper covers tend to cause the accumulation of heat in the brakes, a development which can damage it and also reduce the braking efficiency of the vehicle too.

This heat accumulation is said to cause premature wear and tear of the brake system. However, nothing is farther from the truth than this.

This is because not only are calipers cover preventing dirt, moisture, and other flying debris from getting access into your brakes, but they also serve in dissipating heat thereby boosting its overall efficiency as well.

In addition, good caliper covers also obscure any unsightly appearance on your brakes as well as improve its general outlook and appeal as well.

However, for the caliper covers to be able to do this, they must be of the same size for your car. In addition, caliper covers can be installed and removed easily in just mere minutes and using only simple hand tools. They also keep your brake calipers safe from unnecessary intrusion.

How can you tell if a caliper cover has gone bad?

Spotting a bad brake caliper cover is easy if you know what to look for. Specifically, whenever a caliper cover begins to fail or depreciate, there are symptoms it may exhibit as early warning signs.

Common factors or elements that can cause a brake caliper cover to fail or go bad are corrosion, dirt, buildup, leak, reluctant guide pins, and lots more.

Whatever happens, attend to its issues before they worsen. At first, you are bound to observe signs of cracks, fractures, and deep scratches on it.

This is usually the first sign you will see. Afterward, you may come to notice that the caliper cover does stay snugly in its proper place.

At other times, it may even come off the calipers entirely and fall elsewhere. It is also possible to notice that the caliper cover can become a little bit noisy as it rattles slightly when the engine is revving. There are other signs of a bad caliper cover, but these are some of the commonest.

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Can I fix a caliper cover?

Of course, you can very easily fix any bad caliper cover using only simple tools and in no time too. Some of the common problems developed by caliper covers are cracks or fractures, scratches, and looseness.

First, when your rubber or plastic caliper cover exhibits any signs of cracks or tears in it, you should get a good glue that can bind or bring together any torn edges.

After the application of the glue, you should allow the smeared edges a couple of seconds before you press them together.

Thereafter, you should hold the turn edges together for a few seconds just to give the edges enough time to attach to themselves firmly.

You should also do the same at areas where the covers are attached to the brake over the calipers by making sure that all attachment features are equally fixed too.

Caliper covers provide excellent protection of the brake calipers against dust and all other flying debris. Therefore, it is not unexpected that they are bound to be dusty or covered in smears every so often.

As a result of this, you should regularly wipe them down every time you are cleaning the vehicle with the use of a good, clean, soft, and non-abrasive towel or piece of cloth.

How do I fix a caliper cover?

Some of the items you may need to fix a bad caliper are not more than a few hand tools and glue. Before you venture into any repair work on a damaged brake caliper, you may need to remove it entirely.

After its removal, you should apply good rubber and plastic glue on the broken or cut edges of the cover. Allow the smeared edges of the cover a few seconds before you firmly press them together. You should keep this hold for a few seconds for the pressed edges to bind firmly.

At last, you can use any finely textured sandpaper to smoothen rough edges gently to give the cover an effective shine.

Since caliper covers do screen the brake calipers from dust, they should be expected to become covered in dust over time. Therefore, it is recommended that you give them a sort of wiping down once in a while.

Are all caliper covers good?

Without any fear of contradiction, caliper covers are simply very good for the functions they serve, although some may be better than others.

First, although there are complaints that caliper covers cause the accumulation of heat which may affect the brakes over time and also cause premature brake wear and tear, this claim has yet to be proven.

In reality, caliper covers are said to be involved in excellent heat dissipation that protects your brakes. These covers also protect your brakes from moisture and dust which is an important function for your brake to last long.

These covers also have very impressive aesthetic value, apart from preventing people from seeing what may be beneath the covers. It is therefore alright to say that caliper covers are good on all counts, although the same cannot be said for all the varieties on the market. However, those which are good are good.

Which is the best caliper cover?

The best type of caliper cover is one that has all(or most of) the features explained earlier in the article. First, good caliper covers should protect the brake calipers effectively from dust, debris, and all ugly smears. In addition, they should provide the brake ample protection from moisture too.

This means that good caliper covers will protect the calipers from corrosion and rust. It is said that caliper covers facilitate the generation of heat in the brakes.

On the contrary, caliper covers are designed such that they can dissipate heat in the brakes as fast as possible which is necessary for excellent braking performance. 

The protection of the brakes from contamination improves its life span and durability. They are also said to prevent others from seeing any ugly sights underneath them. In addition to all these, good caliper covers have a remarkable aesthetic value especially since they add value to your vehicle.

There are a few caliper covers that possess all these features. Some of the best caliper covers on the market are Brembo caliper covers, MGP, and CCI among a lot of many others.

However, despite this proliferation, CCI caliper covers are reputed to be about the very best of the pack.

Are Caliper Covers Bad – Conclusion

Heat accumulation is one of the factors that are indicated in the reduction of effectiveness in brakes as well as poor braking distance.

Fortunately, caliper covers are said to be designed such that they tend to dissipate heat from the brakes into the surrounding air.

Again, caliper covers protect the brakes from dust, flying debris, and moisture. This will not only improve braking performance but can also protect the brake and all its components from premature wear and tear.

To add to all these positives, caliper covers also provide the vehicle with great aesthetic value.  In consideration of all these, caliper covers can be said to be simply indispensable.

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