6 Best Brake Levers For Single Speed In 2023

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A single lever bike is a bike that has brakes just like any other conventional bike. Although there are bikes that do not have any brakes altogether.

In addition to the two types mentioned earlier, there are bikes with single brakes which are fitted in the front wheel in most cases.

Bikes with single brakes are comparatively cheaper, lighter, and also mechanically simpler compared to all other types.

In addition, these single brake bikes may not have derailleurs or any other gearing mechanisms as well fewer parts, which makes maintenance easier.

For these reasons, these types of bicycles are good for commuting in the city. To this end, how do you know good brake levers for bikes with single brakes? This question and many others will be answered in the article. Just read on. 

Most importantly, any good lever for a single speed should be compatible with as many bikes as possible such that extensive application is possible.

Secondly, all the production materials used in their manufacturing should be top-notch too. Due to this quality,  these levers can be counted on to be very durable such that they can last for as long as possible, and they are also resistant to the most degradative forces in the environment.

They are also anodized to guard against the oxidation of their metallic components. Additionally, recommended levers for single-speed bikes have 3D visual designs, and anti-slip rough surfaces on them.

They are also beautifully designed to enable them to enhance the look or appeal of your bike.

They mostly have CNC machining that will ensure the holder brake clutch perfectly fits your model or type of motorcycle.

They make your motorcycle looks not just cool, but also fashionable and different.

The metal commonly used in producing high-end levers for single speeds is billet aluminum which is known for its durability, resilience, and resistance to corrosion.

Furthermore, the CNC machine anodized coating on these levers does not fade prematurely under ideal conditions.

More impressively, these CNC colors look much more appealing than most others. Also, good levers for single speeds usually have a 6-position adjuster which improves your lever reach set up to make you much more comfortable.

You can also use most good single-speed levers as a direct replacement for stock levers without the need for any modification as well.

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Brake Levers For Single Speed In The Market In 2022

  • Blue Pivot Dirtbike Motorcross Motorcycle Brake Clutch Levers for Yamaha TTR230 2005-2022, YZ80/YZ85 2001-2014…Check Price On Amazon
  • LKV Motorcycle Brake Clutch Pump Lever with Dual Hydraulic Master Cylinder Reservoir Set…..Check Price On Amazon
  • Holder Short Break Clutch Levers Compatible with GROM MSX 125 2014-2019…Check Price On Amazon

Best levers for single speed-proper review

(1). Holder Short Break Clutch Levers Compatible with GROM MSX 125 2014-2019

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As should be expected, these single-speed levers are a perfect fit for most bikes on the market. They are also anodized too, which guards against oxidation of the equipment.

They are known to be easy to install as well.  Furthermore, they have a 3D visual design and an anti-slip rough surface to prevent slipping.

They are also designed with a 6-step adjustment function too. Without any doubt, these levers will enhance the look of your bike.(Read Also: 6 Best Brake Pads For Mail Carriers In 2022)

They are made from aluminum metal which is light and very strong, not to talk of the fact that it resists corrosion despite the presence of moisture. It is also equipped with a multiple position adjuster feature too.


  • The equipment fits most types of bikes as long they have compatible OEM part numbers such as Honda CRF300L, 2022 Honda Grom, and many others. 


  •  There are complaints that in some cases, they may fit easily, but are still somewhat loose which may necessitate regular tightening.
  • In some cases, there may be a need for some adjustments before they can be installed.
  • Their pivots are sometimes sloppy since they are shorter than some stock levers.

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(2). NTHREEAUTO Black Brake Clutch Lever Hand Levers Compatible with Harley Sportstar 883 1200 Dyna Softail Electra Glide Road King Touring Fat Bob

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These levers are a perfect fit for many bikes such as Harley 1996-2003, ultra touring bikes, and so on. Nevertheless, you are strongly advised to check this compatibility issue before buying.

They are exclusively made with aluminum metal which is corrosion resistant and very durable too. The levers are also fully anodized to guard against fading.(Read Also:5 Best Rotors For 3rd Gen 4Runner In 2022)

They have sealed bearings as well. Therefore, they are not expected to fade even after prolonged exposure to stress.

They are professionally produced solely for enhanced braking performance. Their handlebar levers are wide with smoothed edges to enable you to hold them for long rides.

They are very easy to install without the need for any modifications. Finally, they are sold at affordable prices and covered with a 6-month warranty for replacement if there are any defects in the product.


  •  The lever is chromed, and therefore, they are nice and very shiny too, as against worn-out aluminum levers.


  • The bushings are sometimes a little too tight and they are made of cheap plastic too.
  •  The holes are not drilled properly for the pins to go through.
  •  The anti-rattle piece on the bottom of the clutch lever is made of cheap plastic as well.

(3). TangXstar 1 Pair 7/8 inch Handlebar Universal Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever

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The compatibility of this lever is such that it can fit virtually all types of bikes like Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and many others.

The surface of the lever is designed for a comfortable and smooth feel. It also has 6 position adjusters that control both the lever and fluid reservoir.

The Full kit is fully adjustable and it provides you with a good lever position too. The product is made of billet aluminum and CNC machine anodized coating which makes it very durable, unbreakable, and corrosion-resistant.

In addition, its bearings are fully sealed and on a pivot. Using this lever will surely upgrade the performance of your hydraulic brake tremendously.

You need no modification of any sort when it comes to its installation, which is also very easy. This lever also has a mirror holder and brake clutches on each of the sides.


  •  The product is very durable and easy to install.
  •  Corrosion of its metallic parts is prevented


  •  The levers are said to be rather too large and oversized for some bike models.
  •  Do not tighten them very hard or else you may end up breaking the mounting bracket.

(4). NTHREEAUTO Chrome Brake Clutch Lever

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Like most other levers, it is also compatible with many models of bikes that are widely used. They are high-quality chrome hand brake clutch levers that are guaranteed to last.

They do not fade too. The aluminum metal in this lever confers on it exemplary strength and resilience as well as ample protection against corrosion too.

The anodized treatment to which the lever is subjected makes it sturdy and enables it to provide long service time as well.

It does not fade even after a long time. Scratches are also fully prevented by the coating of the lever. It is professionally crafted with excellent braking performance too.

No modification whatsoever is required before its installation; simply take off your stock clutch levers and install your new brake lever.

After purchase, the product is covered with a 6-month warranty that assures the replacement of any defective device at no extra cost.


  •  It perfectly fits most bikes in regular use.
  •  Their chrome plating is reliable against corrosion and scratches.


  •  It is said not to fit electric bikes.
  • The bushings are made of cheap plastic.
  •  Its holes are not drilled straight for the pins to go through easily.

(5). LKV Motorcycle Brake Clutch Pump Lever with Dual Hydraulic Master Cylinder Reservoir Set

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It is also suitable for most bikes and they are renowned for their impressive durability and luster. The billet aluminum metal makes it very strong even against scratches when rubbed on other rough surfaces.

These levers are also fully adjustable and their precision machined pivot hole ensures a perfect fit. A perfect lever position is guaranteed to provide a perfect rider position for all types of riders.

The position of the mirror and lever in one place eliminates worry about their separate installation.

Most notably, the power-off switch will protect the motorbike whenever you brake to a stop. It also has CNC billet aluminum that is anodized, durable, and very safe too.

Like all levers discussed earlier, this product also has 6 adjustable gear positions for your fingers to always grip when needed. Installation can be done without the need for any modification whatsoever. 


  •  Included in the supply pack are both left and right master cylinders.
  •  It is easy to install with little or no experience at all.


  •  It is not supplied with bearings in most cases.

(6). Blue Pivot Dirtbike Motorcross Motorcycle Brake Clutch Levers for Yamaha TTR230 2005-2022, YZ80/YZ85 2001-2014

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This product is as long-lasting as any other of its kind on the market. Although it is suitable for use on most bike models, you are advised to check the title of your levers as a means of determining whether they are a perfect fit for your bike or not.

These levers are made of 6069-T6 aluminum which is also anodized for durability and any anti-oxidation reactions.

They are also very easy to install via simple steps even by the non-experienced. In addition, due to the anodized surface, the device does not fade easily. Its pivot design allows for the lever to fold outward to prevent bending or breaking in the event of an accident.


  •  It is easy to install in just a few minutes.
  •  It does not always break easily like some models.


  •  It is said that the clutch lever fits well, but the brakes do not in some cases.
  • The clearances are not good enough to fit in the brake lever holder, which can cause it to stick after being applied.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

(1). How do you brake on a single-speed bike?

To efficiently brake on a single-speed bike, first, pull up with your left pedal while at the same time pushing down with the right one, and still bearing in mind that your pedal ought to be horizontal.

The heavier the string of the lever, the stronger the force that will be needed to pull the brakes too, and the less the force that is eventually transmitted to the braking mechanism.

(2). Do brake levers matter?

Of course, brake levers matter a lot, especially because it is through the levers that you will be able to transmit enough pressure onto the wheels of the bike to slow it down and ultimately come to a stop. So, yes, the brake levers matter as much as the entire brake system itself.

(3). Do single-speed bikes have hand brakes?

It is widely known that single-speed bikes have brakes in much the same way as any other normal geared bikes, although fixes may be mixed. Curiously, there are even more that do not have any brakes altogether.

These bikes depend on road position, the skill of the rider, and the stopping crank to be able to bring it to a stop. Some bikes are fitted with single brakes mostly on the front wheel. Therefore, it is not all single bikes that have handbrakes, although the majority do.

Best Brake Levers For Single Speed – Conclusion

Brake levers for single-speed bikes, or any bike for that matter, are as important as the entire brake system itself.

What must be put into consideration is the fact that without the brake lever, it is hardly likely that you will be able to stop the bike easily, which may result in a crash.

Therefore, the choice of a perfectly fitting lever in your bike is as important as anything.

Consequently, you are strongly advised to be very careful how you go about choosing a brake lever that will last and is effective too. The article has done justice, as much as possible, to all these contentious issues.

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